RV Repair

Sometimes luck isn't on the side of the vehicle when using your Motor home, RV or Camper. Damage or dents on your recreational vehicle? Dull paint or just no shine? Let our experts really make your next vacation a special one. Let Northside Collision handle the work. It isn't as simple as just popping the dent out, often times just pulling the dent creates small paint breaks in the exterior surface of your recreational vehicle. The area around the dent can then begin to rust. At our body shop we do go the extra mile by ensuring the entire area surrounding the dent is properly sealed and painted with matching paint.

Bring your Motor home, camper, RV or any recreational vehicle to our body shop and allow the experts to inspect the damage to give you an honest estimate of what exactly is wrong and the cost to repair the problem.

If you are going to invest in something that usually isn't cheap and is hard to maintain, the last thing you want to do is let the quality of your RV or camper deteriorate. Focus on enjoying your time with friends and family because the team at Northside Collision has everything you need when it comes to fixing your Recreational vehicle.



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