Employee Testimonials

"I have worked at Northside Collision since Oct 2001 in the Fleet repair shop. There is fast pace but with a comfortable work environment. Working on many different type of vehicles there is a good variety of repairs to keep the job interesting. With the safety training and attention to detail it is a very safe workplace. The pay plan provides opportunity to make more money for people who apply themselves."

-Russ Bartlett

"I have been at Northside Collision 30 years. Starting in the paint shop but most of my years have been as a body repair tech. Recently I moved to the Fleet Repair center. I have developed many different types of skills over the years of experience, including frame repair, welding steel & aluminum, fiberglass & plastic repair, body panel straightening & repair. Recently I have been working on many different types of vehicles in the truck shop to include ambulances, boats, RV's and trucks. The move has provided some variety and new experiences. Northside Collision has provided a steady job over the years and I look forward to many more."

-Bill Luce

"I started at Northside Collision November 2000. My job duties have been truck mechanical repair, major damage repairs, RV and boat repairs. The work varies and provides a different and interesting challenge everyday. Northside Collision provides a good work environment with a chance to improve my abilities and safe working conditions."

-Brian Clark

"I have been at Northside Collision for over 26 years now. The 401K plan with 25% matching contribution allows me to put money away so I know there will be funds available when it comes time for me to retire."

-Bob Ossevoort | Body Technician

"When I came on board at Northside I was extremely nervous at best. I had been with my previous employer for 16 years and was very "settled in". What I found was a company with the personal atmosphere and kindness of a small company and the visions, goals and benefits of a large corporation. Thank you, Gary and Scott for a great 19 years at Northside!"

-Alma White | Office Manager

"I've have been with Northside Collision for over ten years, My last seven have been as General Manager at the Dewitt location. My experience with NSC has been some of the most productive years of my life. Working for Gary Bell has strengthened me professionally and personally.

I have gone to new levels of self-discipline and confidence that I did not know existed. I am as loyal to my leader as he is to his people; it is great to work for a company that does what is say's it is going to. This company was built on hard work and most of all integrity.

I am proud of what I do and whom I work for!"

-Terry Clancy | General Manager