“I’ve had 2 separate cars fixed and your body shop in Camillus. Both jobs were superb and completed on time (as promised). Service was prompt, friendly, and professional. Our cars look better than they did as new, from your expertise body shop employees. I would highly recommend Northside Collision to anyone else. Keep up the good work!”


“I was recently at your shop for repairs on my Nissan Rouge 2009 model and your people were terrific, from Geico representative Tracy Jorgensen to Adam Sherwood and the pleasant girls at your front desk. They even fixed my drivers side door which would not open from the outside. I was at your Dewitt shop for my service and it was great. I would not hesitate to recommend your shop to anybody. Thanks for the great experience.”


“Just want to say that I was very impressed with service at Northside. They made everything so easy and were extremely nice. It is very hard to find good customer service and Northside went above and beyond. I would refer anyone there and I would definitely go there again, but hopefully I won’t need to. Thank you all for everything. The truck looked amazing when it was returned to us.”



“Just wanted to give you some feedback on my experience at the Mattydale Northside Collision. I went in a week ago Monday to get an estimate on my 2007 Prius. I dealt with Nate. He was very professional, thorough, and provided the estimate in a very short time. I advised Nate that we would be paying out of pocket and would need a loaner vehicle. Nate ordered the parts, called me when they came in and we scheduled a drop off date. The estimate indicated the repairs would take 3 days. I dropped my car off on Tuesday morning and received a phone call today telling me the vehicle was ready. Wow, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually it’s the other way around and takes longer than the original estimate.

Anyhow, I am going to trade the car in so after I picked up the car I was headed to the gas station to clean the inside. Another surprise! It had already been done. The carpets and seats were vacuumed and the dashboard had been clean.

Overall, on a scale of 1 – 10 I would rate my experience a 12. I enjoyed working with Nate and wanted to pass along my kudos to a very professional team you have on board.”


“I just wanted to let you know that I have been to Northside Collision twice in the last two months. My daughter was in two accidents while at school, (thank goodness she was not at fault for either). In December of 09, the rear of the car was replaced in the Camillus location (this was a Geico location). When the second accident occurred February 10, Met Life asked if I had a garage that I had in mind. They said they do not work with the Camillus location, so I chose the B-vill location, which they work with. They replaced the front end.

I just wanted to let you know that both locations had courteous staff. The reception areas were very clean as well as inside the garage. The car was done when they said. The second time I even had some rust taken care of that was on the roof near the windshield. They called me to come look at the car because when it was removed the windshield it was rotted, (it is a 2004 and I would of never of thought that would happen). I had it taken care of. The car was done on Friday and they called to ask it I could pick up Monday as they wanted to make sure it was cured. Which proved to me that they did not just want to shove it out the door before they were satisfied.

When I picked up the car on Monday, my dad went with me. He had an estimate on his Cadillac. It took it in yesterday-which is self pay. He was impressed with the workmanship also with the rates. They also offered a courtesy car.

Good job to the staff at both locations for friendly service.”


“Recently my car was in your Cicero shop for repair from my accident. Joanne was the first person I came into contact with and she was friendly, professional and very helpful. My claim was estimated by Grant and he was also very professional and most helpful. When we needed to bring the car back in to correct some things, Grant did all he could to make sure we were without our car for the shortest amount of time and that we would be more than satisfied.

Although the rear window was possibly not related to the accident, your shop fixed it without cost to me. I really appreciate all Northside did to make this experience as pleasant and painless as possible.

Peter Frantzis made a special visit to me here at the office last week to be sure everything was going smoothly and came back today to bring muffins (my personal favorite) and make sure we were happy with the outcome.

Your organization is first class all the way and I will continue to recommend Northside Collisions centers to our customers


“I am extremely pleased with the level of professional service and quality of work that was done in repairing my car. Working with your staff, Adam Sherwood, Frank Hipp, Brad McConkey and the front office staff was seamless and truly a wonderful experience. Frankly, I was blown away by the entire experience.

Thank you for hiring such quality individuals that demonstrate the highest level of customer service. It is clear that your organization is a team, everything is first class start to finish. I will definitely recommend Northside Collision to family, friends and colleagues.


“On Sept. 2nd I ran into a panel truck while driving, lucky for me I was right in front of your B’ville location. No personal injuries so all I had to deal was a very banged up ’09 Trailblazer.

No need to make this long but your employees are A+. Sandy, Matt & anyone on site that I spoke to or even saw made me feel good, rather than bad at a time when I was really feeling stupid.

When I stopped in a week or so later to get some things out of my car I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the work area. You run a fine business. The work was then completed well before they had estimated. Thanks for ‘doing it right’.”


“Recently we had a minor “run in” with a construction dump truck on our street. The middle right side window on our van was broken inward. Glass everywhere but no major structure damage.

You need to know that your staff at the Camillus location took extremely good care of us. Especially your Office Manager and Service Manager. They provided expert courteous service, a loaner vehicle, and complete and timely repairs to the van. I left the van on initial contact on Thursday morning and picked it up completed on Friday afternoon. They even washed it!!

Thanks for setting the standard that your employees are obviously following.”


“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received at the Baldwinsville shop. My SUV was broken into and I had to have a window and parts inside replaced. The staff who worked with me were very easy to work with, very competent, and did a great job fixing my vehicle. I was given a loaner while they worked on my car and everything was done in timely manner. Also, whoever cleaned the car up afterwards, did a great job! People should be acknowledged when they do a good job, because we all know, people will tell you when you don’t. I will tell my friends and family (live in B’ville) about your excellent service. The waiting room was nice too!”


“I want to compliment you and your staff on the exceptional service I recently received from Northside Collision’s Cicero location. The repair work provided was prompt and first rate. Having one’s car washed is a nice touch, but the fact that it was also detailed was truly over the top! I was also very impressed that both a Geico and Enterprise representative were located on site. My loaner car was ready and waiting when I got there. A one-stop-shop of this magnitude is a rarity these days. Please share my accolades with your staff. Thank you again for a job well done, and for providing quality work, a professional atmosphere, and a most pleasant experience.”


“I really have to tell you what a great experience I had with your company. Your crew is amazing and my car is even better than before I hit the deer at 70mph! I hand-wax my car and when I got it back it was gleaming! Everything about my experience was perfect from making sure I had a nice car to drive while I waited for mine to be repaired to when I picked it up. A mug, candy…you are too much. I take really good care of my vehicle…and so did your crew. Thank you for putting “Her” back together.”


“I dropped my car off on Friday and was very warmly welcomed by your staff. I did not feel pressured to buy any additional services and I was very comfortable leaving my vehicle there.

When I returned on Monday my car was much cleaner than when I dropped it off. They didn’t have to clean it up but I was very pleasantly surprised that they did. The price I paid for the repair was very reasonable and the car was returned to me very quickly.

Overall I was very happy with the service I received and I will be returning in the future for any repair work I need done on my car. Thank you again!”


“Repairs made at your Northside Collision Cicero location. Overall your staff is informative, courteous and efficient. A pleasure to work with especially Mr. Barnes who is honest and accountable!”




“I have worked at Northside Collision since Oct 2001 in the Fleet repair shop. There is fast pace but with a comfortable work environment. Working on many different type of vehicles there is a good variety of repairs to keep the job interesting. With the safety training and attention to detail it is a very safe workplace. The pay plan provides opportunity to make more money for people who apply themselves.”
“I have been at Northside Collision 30 years. Starting in the paint shop but most of my years have been as a body repair tech. Recently I moved to the Fleet Repair center. I have developed many different types of skills over the years of experience, including frame repair, welding steel & aluminum, fiberglass & plastic repair, body panel straightening & repair. Recently I have been working on many different types of vehicles in the truck shop to include ambulances, boats, RV’s and trucks. The move has provided some variety and new experiences. Northside Collision has provided a steady job over the years and I look forward to many more.”
“I started at Northside Collision November 2000. My job duties have been truck mechanical repair, major damage repairs, RV and boat repairs. The work varies and provides a different and interesting challenge everyday. Northside Collision provides a good work environment with a chance to improve my abilities and safe working conditions.”
“I have been at Northside Collision for over 26 years now. The 401K plan with 25% matching contribution allows me to put money away so I know there will be funds available when it comes time for me to retire.”
“When I came on board at Northside I was extremely nervous at best. I had been with my previous employer for 16 years and was very “settled in”. What I found was a company with the personal atmosphere and kindness of a small company and the visions, goals and benefits of a large corporation. Thank you, Gary and Scott for a great 19 years at Northside!”
“I’ve have been with Northside Collision for over ten years, My last seven have been as General Manager at the Dewitt location. My experience with NSC has been some of the most productive years of my life. Working for Gary Bell has strengthened me professionally and personally.

I have gone to new levels of self-discipline and confidence that I did not know existed. I am as loyal to my leader as he is to his people; it is great to work for a company that does what is say’s it is going to. This company was built on hard work and most of all integrity.

I am proud of what I do and whom I work for!”

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