Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Do I have to have repairs made at the dealer to protect my manufacturer's warranty?
NO! Northside Collision backs all repairs with a lifetime warranty, and your manufacturer’s warranty will remain in effect.
I've been in an accident... What should I do?
Call us first. Our staff will walk you through the entire process. From communicating with your insurance company and towing your vehicle, to scheduling your repairs and providing you with a car to drive while your vehicle is tied up.
Where do I get a claim number?
Claim numbers are issued by your insurance company at the time you report your accident. Just jot it down and bring it with you when you come in to begin the repair process. Northside Collision will take care of the rest.
I have a brand new vehicle that has been involved an in accident. Can it look like new again?
Yes. Northside Collision employs a state of the art repair process which enables us to accurately match your vehicle’s finish.
Will the parts be ordered before I drop off my vehicle?
Absolutely. We generally order your vehicle’s parts at the time that we write the damage estimate and schedule your vehicle for drop-off. In the event your vehicle is not safe to drive, we will arrange for a loaner car or rental as soon as possible.

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